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Harem Trained
2nd-Apr-2008 11:08 am
mia: http://zitoman.multiply.com/tag/conyo%20shit%20pare!!

kalen: omg the multiply is crazy shit funny
mia: shyet pare, no? xD
kalen: i know pare!! so cool, pare
mia: pare its so like a bmw pare. so cool, chong. xD not like those fucking gringos, puta
kalen: dude pare chong, we should re-start our harem trained community and bombard it with "cono daily phrase"
like the Vermillion pleasure night pare
mia: yeah pare, lets do that because our harem trained is so like jologs pare. its so patay.
kalen: i quote: "You know what pare, you make a strong point eh."
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