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Harem Trained
13th-Sep-2009 11:12 pm - for you K:

If the moon should talk
and the stars sing along
you will hear my hymn of love
in the silence of the night

If the wind should dance
to the rythm of my heart
feel my love in the air
dry your tears

our love was strong
but even fairy tales go wrong

till my last breath, i love you

Don't feel alone
i shall guide your way
until the end of time

We've shared our laughter
and we've shared our tears
We've had our time together
through these years

Just one more kiss
one final song
smile for me one last time

Now the curtain drops,
and to end our final act
i'll take my bow and say adieu

Don't be afraid
Always keep the faith
For your story still goes on

You're in my heart forevermore

Still doesn't make that much sense but it fits better into the music. hahahaha. Cram fail!
12th-Sep-2009 03:53 am - GA second ed
To the tune of innocent by peter

ENGRISHCollapse )
If the wind can dance
to the rhythm of my heart
you will feel my love for you in the air all around
This love we shared is strong
but even fairy tales go wrong
let me tell you this, just one more time

You won't be alone
I will be your guiding light
watching over you till end of times

We've shared our laughters
and we've shared our tears
we've had our times together through all these years

So one last kiss
and one last goodbye
show me the smile that lights my life
Now that the curtain has dropped
I end my final act
I took my bow but your story still goes on
Just don't be afraid
always keep the faith
to you a final vow my love I'll make
I shall be your very guardian angel for life 

(engrish for the win!!!)
24th-Aug-2009 03:33 am - tweak me baby one more time
edit no. xxxx

Gals, C/C away!! much appreciated!! ^^


under cutCollapse )
17th-Dec-2008 07:21 pm - happy christmas!
deitrich in hat
A haremtrained bakeday

Chocolate Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Icing by psychoshoujo

Chocolate Chip Cookies by saisun
Cream Cheese Brownies by seraph_dreams

Okay, some of us cheated and used insta mix, but we still got yummy results nonetheless!

kuku_hara we miss you!!!
2nd-Apr-2008 11:08 am - shyetconyoparehijodechong
mia: http://zitoman.multiply.com/tag/conyo%20shit%20pare!!

kalen: omg the multiply is crazy shit funny
mia: shyet pare, no? xD
kalen: i know pare!! so cool, pare
mia: pare its so like a bmw pare. so cool, chong. xD not like those fucking gringos, puta
kalen: dude pare chong, we should re-start our harem trained community and bombard it with "cono daily phrase"
like the Vermillion pleasure night pare
mia: yeah pare, lets do that because our harem trained is so like jologs pare. its so patay.
kalen: i quote: "You know what pare, you make a strong point eh."
1st-Mar-2008 01:44 pm - <3 hearts <3 hearts <3 hearts!

HaPpEe BiRtHdAy KALEN!!!

2nd-Mar-2008 10:00 am(no subject)
...Something's wrong with the YM here in Casa Marci, so I'll have to put it here:

Happy Birthday, Kalen!
::glomp:: Welabshu!
Do not let fear drive you to the places you will be from.
<3, Harem Trained, Philippines XD

Sorry dear, wasn't able to say this yesterday. XD Was a rather hectic day. O_O ::hug!:: Hang in there, you! ::luff::
7th-Feb-2008 09:19 pm(no subject)
Hi guys! hm... some updates on the concert ^^

so, the ticket sell will start on Feb 16, at the Zhong San Soccer Stadium. Unfortunately, i wont be going there bec im fully booked for tutorial sessions that day T_T i am sorry...

BUT BUT BUT, fear not. there are people online offering to buy the ticket. So, it is highly possible that you can get the VIP ticket. as for Rock A or the others, no worries on that ^^ i can get them somewhere else aside from shong san.

another news, uhm, me wont be going to the concert. not that i dont like larc, but i dont want to go with a binocular. i mean, yuo know.. it's great to feel the energy, but i swear, people wont be nice when they are nice. people are aggressive. pramis.

so, i want a reply either here to to my ym ASAP, like, on feb8. if no replies, i wont be getting the VIP ^^ (the rush is bec i have to wire the money to the person offering to buy the ticket asap.)

that's it for now ^^
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