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2nd-Feb-2008 01:27 am - concert info
Hello guys, i'm posting the concert info here because im going to talk about some info that i do not wish to share with the general public ^^

anyway, here's the layout and price: (it's color coded)

so, please reply to me asap regarding the location you want.

mia, angel, setsuna, g, mako.

i need these info asap. (guys, please contact those who dont know abot this community, and have them read this post ASAP. TY)

With regards to the feb 16 premier ticket sale... after some struggles, I have come to realize that i dont want to go to the premier sale of the tickets. why? Because one, no credit cards are accepted on the premier sale (i aint bringing cash with so many possibilities of getting snatched). Two, the fans are going to line up starting feb 11 already. (a week before the ticket sale. see, no kidding. fans are scary). And three, a very shitty announcement regarding the ticket sale is that "there's no limit to the number of ticket that one person can buy".

so, if someone in the front of the line is a scalper...

fuck, isn't it?

so i think rather than lining up to wait for the possibly non-existing VIP tickets, i'll get the tickets at carrefour.

in line with the last point mentioned, i can't guarantee you guys that i'll be able to get the VIP tickets. so u guys better give me your priorities, like

Kalen: VIP > ROCK A > i'd rather buy dvd

with the example above, if i can't get the vip nor the rock a ticket. i wont buy anymore. ^^


ah, fuck. basta, nakakapikon.


some serious business:
1. regarding payment: i understand that yuo guys would want a ticket first before the visa. but in the case of *knock on wood* denied visa, which i pray will not be the case, please, i beg you, still pay for your share.

2. regarding payment: you may opt to pay me when you come here to taiwan, or route me the money. i accept NTD ONLY (para madali). (a side note. presidential election in taiwan around March. so if yuo are worried about currency exchange difference... hmm)

3. regarding accommodation: i can't guarantee you that i'll be able to get free accomm. ther's highly the chance that i'll put u guys at the YMCA near my office...

4. regarding tour dates: i think what we agreed on last time is from april 24 - 28. please reply with your target date again, since i easily forget things

5. regarding lining up: we'll do what we can. we seriously can't compete with the fans. but if you guys want, i can sign up for the batch lining up with the other fans. let me know what your options are. i know mako do not like this idea, but i have to warn you about overselling of tickets. it might happen that you have the ticket, but you can't get in. just a warning

6. regarding touring: any place you guys wanna go? or is it pure Larc? kase if you guys wanna go somewhere, we'd have to ditch the lining up and... basta. hahahahaha.
26th-Nov-2007 03:39 pm - Ladies and haremfolk...
please be patient with the icons and frills i have promised to make for the community... i don't have a laptop or pc right now and thus do not have the means to photoshop. this depresses me to no small extent. so, it might take a while. by christmas i promise to have a few "haremcons" up.

much love and kink,

equal partner of the devil
and future CEO of the world
24th-Nov-2007 01:41 am - Tips and stuff
I was looking for info on "how to open a cafe" in yahoo taiwan awhile ago, and i actually found quite a number of articles related to it. i'll roughly translate a checklist that i find useful for lazy people like me.

LIST desu:
>Market trend analysis/ forecast
>Planning and preparation
>know-how of store management
>Understanding the diff types of coffee
>Desserts and cafe (relationship and the best mix)
>Using desserts to earn money (what a translation)
>Store financial management
>Cashier system
>License application
>Budgeting (for Everything) (wahoo)
>Location selection (okay, i admit, no idea how to translate..)
>Target market orientation (huh? k, where did u get that..)

There's also an interview with the starbux guy, though it's in chinese, and i'm too laze to translate. wehehe. I might just go buy a book on "how to start a cafe for the dummy"

Till then
23rd-Nov-2007 12:54 pm - For the Harem Cafe
Hello, o people of Internetland! I am Sai, ruler of a pocket universe that exists only in my deluded mind!

...pero seriously. Harem Trained has been making plans of putting up a coffee shop/tea house/cake house sort of facility. Now, we have the passion, energy, and creative skillz to pull of the pretties and the other stuff, but none of us have much business know-how, so while a yoga studio may not exactly be Harem Cafe, it's still a small facility offering a particular sort of service, and that's a close enough approximation to what we want to do with Harem Cafe.

So. Enough rambling. Here are links. Before I forget to put them up...



Of course, we can't quite put HC up just yet. We plead poverty. LOTS of poverty. A whole UNIVERSE of poverty. Because we are young and fresh and from families of average-ish means and are therefore very very poor.
11th-Nov-2007 11:30 pm - Hello my children
Welcome to the Harem Trained.

First thing, thanks to psychoshojo for the user pic :)

Second, we need layout for S2 style. something that matches the great mizz Dita von Teese :) (or if you dont mind the Sting lyrics.. then we'll stick to this layout XD)

Third, if you will check out the profile area of this community, you will find that it's still quite empty. In fact, i haven't really input anything yet(hail me!). So, *nudges* hehehehe~

4th, the cafe/tea house. Alvin sent me this link. I strongly urge that you guys check it out. It's pretty.

just a little more babbling. Dita! you are my hero!!


We shall resume the discussion soon. Till then.
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